Don`t just take it from us, let our attendees do the talking!

Yasser Al Ali

TelecoDays is one of the most amazing events that happens in many different places around the world. The event organizers attract some of the major stakeholders in every country to have really good communications on personal level, and that’s what makes this show unique. As for the hubs, to the cities like Dubai, New York, Prague, they are always one of the best places to do business. They are unique, and there is always many nice opportunities to make new businesses. So it is always great to be around this place, and always great to have new partners around the world. Don`t miss TelecoDays, it was great.

Yasser Al Ali Manager Mobile Performance at EtisalatLinkedIn
Dr. Dorit Columbus

TelecoDays is a really nice show because you can meet customers you would otherwise not meet, even not planned to meet, and so you get access to really new opportunity for business.

Dr. Dorit ColumbusSales Engineer at GenbandLinkedIn
Wissam Khater

It’s a pleasure attending TelecoDays. The event presents a great opportunity to have new interconnections and carriers and to initiate business with them. I’m so happy to extend my business and my experience in the field of telecommunications. I hope we will be in the next events in Dubai, who knows maybe in Prague and in the USA as well. Thank you.

Wissam KhaterSenior Account Manager, Eklip Telecom
Nathan Woodhouse

We came to TelecoDays to make connections with other providers, VoIP operators, enterprises, and other telecom companies in the region. We were able to do that and we’ve made some wonderful contacts. We are leaving the conference with a full list of items that we can follow up on and strong business leads that we can capitalize on hopefully in the coming months or years. So it has been a great conference from our point of view in terms of our business outcome. I’ll follow on to the next TelecoDays.  

Nathan WoodhouseCTO at SIPsense
Santiago Vaño Julia

We are very satisfied with the results. We met a lot of interesting people and learnt a lot from our colleagues, for this reason I highly recommend everyone in telecom industry to visit this event.

Santiago Vaño JuliaCEO at Comunycarse
Dariya Holoskokova

TelecoDays is a great opportunity to find new relationships, to share experience and to find out something new. Our company really enjoys TelecoDays just because we feel to be a great part of a big family.

Dariya HoloskokovaMarketing Producer at Jerasoft

We took part in TelecoDays 2016, and it really was a rewarding experience. We participated in the event to diversify our activities. We met with companies from all over the world and got several partnership offers from some of them looking to expand their activities in African countries.

Tiemoko KoneCEO at MobVAS
Mike Peck

This is the second TelecoDays event we’ve attended. We’ve exhibited in both of them. It’s a small, intimate event that is quite beneficial. We’ve met a lot of people and built a network. Now, that we’ve met with a number of people with whom we can share mutually beneficial opportunities, we will be investigating and following up. I hope to attend more TelecoDays events in future. Thanks so much.

Mike Peck Squire Technologies

The first TelecoDays meeting was very productive for our company. I enjoyed the genial atmosphere of the event, the venue was great, and staff was helpful and good humored. I wish TelecoDays to grow and become large-scale event in the telecommunications industry.

Asif Shaikh
Asif ShaikhDirector at AGCS Asia LimitedLinkedIn

I met right people during TelecoDays Prague, I liked the venue which was really very convenient for such events; everything was in one place and you could easily find the delegate you wish to meet with. It was a really good show.

Ben Zelmanowitz
Ben ZelmanowitzDollar Phone, USALinkedIn

I am attending TelecoDays for the 2nd time. This is a very good organized conference, where we can meet various persons in telecom industry. I`m very happy I`m here and will attend next conference too.

Nikolay Yavashev
Nikolay YavashevLKND Inspire LTD

What I loved most – the people behind the event! Awesome hospitality by the organizers! A great learning experience for people like me. I would love to see more of these events – perhaps a little more structured.

Billa BhandariMiDCOM

A creditable attempt to bring the telecom community together. Must compliment the hosts regarding the organization, especially considering that it’s the first event in its kind in the Middle East.  Wishing the team all the very best and looking forward to more events in future. It is always interesting to meet new people and catch up on the new developments in the industry!

Sandeep AnturkarSheng Li Telecom

It was a great event, I enjoyed how professional your team was,  the idea of sharing meeting tables, and how easy it was to engage in business talk and brainstorm ideas.

See you then. Thanks

Osama Shawky
Osama Shawky Senior Manager Middle East, Orange

It was my second time joining TelecoDays. It was great again to be here and be part of the event. Everything is well-organised, and I had very fruitful meetings here. I hope to improve my business after this event as well as improve the recognition of my company.

Thank you so much to Erika:)

Sarah Orhalay (SEM)Carrier Relations Manager

It’s our pleasure to be a part of TelecoDays Dubai 2015. We wish all the very best for the TelecoDays team. In the future, let the event become a bigger one. The event was useful for GSoft. We got a great chance to form good relationships with our new clients and suppliers.

Thank you once again for the opportunity. See you next time.

Vineeth Babu M.Gsoft Technologies

At first I was skeptical to attend. To my great surprise, I was able to network with various companies and establish new contacts. The event is a success provided was the first one, and I hope it will grow over time. Best of luck.

Adel Klioua WaveCrest UK Ltd DMCC Branch

This is the first event of TelecoDays that I have attended. The event is very productive for our company business. We had a good time here. The atmosphere and the food are really good, and I wish to attend in the coming years.

M-Baoir KhanajaSmartech Communication, CEO

TelecoDays in Dubai was a nice “little” event. I had a pleasure holding discussions with several industry professionals and made a lot of potential business partnerships. It was well-organised, and the atmosphere was positive.

Janne Ruokonen
Janne RuokonenContakti Ltd

We met a lot of partners and potentials customers at TelecoDays Dubai.  We appreciate a lot that the event organizers offer special conditions for SMS companies, and I am sure the event will bring a lot of value to Route Mobile.

Sharad Kuma
Sharad KumaCEO/CFO of Route Mobile (Middle East and Africa regions)

TelecoDays is a really good place to come sign contacts, find potential partners, sell your routes, channels, as well as SMS or voice traffic. I plan to join every upcoming event TelecoDays plans to organize. 

George Zviadadze
George ZviadadzeCEO, Globalcell EU

I’d like to thank TelecoDays for the opportunity to network with carriers and vendors from all over the Middle East and Africa. We are excited to have the opportunity to meet some of them here. We hope next year it will be even bigger and even more successful. I’d like to thank the hosts for all their efforts and for satisfying our sometimes demanding requests.

Theodore Kotsireas
Theodore KotsireasSales Director at First Telecom

This is my first time attending TelecoDays, and I liked meeting all of the vendors and solution providers. I do hope to continue interacting with them and exchange emails and contacts for the solutions we offer. I love TelecoDays. Thank you.

Sultan Mahimi
Sultan MahimiManager Service Assurance, Tata Communications

It’s my first time at TelecoDays. A very good and well-managed event. I met a lot of people here and had very good time. Now, as TelecoDays is on its way to Mumbai and Prague, I’m looking forward to attending all their events. I believe, that they doing their job really well and are helping us in grow our businesses. And I wish them luck in this!  

Fahad JamalDirector Business Development, Sync Sound

I’d like to thank the organizers for this event. TelecoDays Dubai is a great opportunity to meet new people, have great contacts, form new partnerships, and create relationships with new clients.

Viacheslav IakubovichCarrier Relations at BSG

I’d like to thank the organizers for making this event happen, as it’s an opportunity for us to meet players from SMS industry, to network and close some deals. Thank you.

Khalid Mansour
Khalid MansourBusiness Development Manager, Mobily.ws

TelecoDays was a big success for us, as we made some great deals and exchanged some great ideas. We’d like to thank the organizers for making this event so productive and enjoyable. Thank you.

Niko Karamanov
Niko KaramanovCOO/CTO , Viptelco

This is my first time at TelecoDays Dubai. I made a lot of contacts here introducing our software. I hope to come here again, as I enjoyed the time. Big thanks to everyone.

Adele Khusnutdinova
Adele KhusnutdinovaSales Manager at Intis Telecom

This is my first time in a telecom show, and I enjoyed the time. We could find some local providers for my company’s services and solutions. I found a way to offer my solutions in Latin America, too. Thank you very much. I hope to see you again next time.

Oscar Gomez
Oscar GomezCEO at IntiCo USA

We’ve been an exhibitor at TelecoDays Dubai three times – twice in Dubai, once in Prague. It has always been a good show. There is a small and limited crowd, and we can interact quite well with all the attendees.

Madhu Mayanat
Madhu MayanatVP-Business Development at Nexge Technologies