SPEAKER: Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Telecom Sourcing at Uber

The market for Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding at astonishing speed and there are plenty of enthusiasm and euphoria in telecom industry about its great prospects with potential to change the industry landscape. Panel discussion will explore IoT capabilities for telecom market and what should telecom operators do to capitalize on this opportunity. In particular, the panel will attempt to address the following questions:

  • What is IoT, and what does explosively growing IoT market mean for today's telecoms industry?
  • How can its power be unleashed and the benefits obtained by telecom operators?
  • Will the growth of IoT present new and unique security threats to the telecoms network?
  • How carriers should navigate security in the age of the IoT?

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MODERATOR: Sean McDevitt, Partner at Arthur D. Little

PANELISTS: Judy Reed Smith, Chairperson at ATLANTIC-ACM 

Rahul Vijay, Head of Global Telecom Sourcing at Uber

Abraham Joseph, Founder at IOT Insights

Bryan Brooks, VP Carrier and Wholesale Services at Pavlov Media 

The border line between enterprises and carriers is getting blurry day by day. Services and capabilities that not long ago were provided by carriers are now being offered via the cloud as cPass. Enterprises and their IT managers are running all kind of real time communication services from the cloud independently from carriers.
This paradigm shift has frog-leaped into overdrive with the coming of IoT. Now when a company is operating few hundreds of IoT sensors (shipments, cars, boxes, etc.), its IT department needs to provide, manage, monitor and secure these devices connectivity.
In this session you will learn how to make the in-house IT guys think and operate like an MVNO.

SPEAKER: Patrick Joggerst, CMO & Executive Vice President, Business Development at Ribbon Communications

An overview of the transition in buyer behavior over the last ten years and a description of one of the most significant changes to impact business in the last five decades. Learn the underlying fundamentals of inbound marketing, inbound sales and why this should be a priority for business leaders worldwide. 

  • What is inbound marketing? 
  • How is it different than traditional marketing? 
  • What are the specific components of inbound marketing?
  • Which industries/companies have seen success with inbound marketing? 
  • How do you get started with inbound marketing? 
  • Updates to inbound marketing in 2017

SPEAKER: Dan Tyre, Director of Sales at Hubspot

There’s been a considerable shift in the way people consume content. The me-first, content-hungry consumers of today want to read, watch, and listen on their own time. In response, telecom operators across the planet are turning to over-the-top service providers to set their service apart, encourage data usage, and generate revenue. Where do mobile operators fit in? How can they capitalize on this shift in consumer behaviour? For 13 years, Faris Irandoost worked with mobile operators and internet service providers. Now, she’s on the other side, working for an over-the-top service that’s bringing control and customization to mobile subscribers around the world. Join her and explore new ways to satisfy the content carnivores by looking at the market from both sides of the coin.

SPEAKER: Faris Irandoost, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at PressReader

Technological change is reshaping the foundations of messaging industry. Key trend which is predicted to dominate in the industry is consolidation. 
In this session we will explore: 

  • What is the future of SMS segment of global telecom market? 
  • What opportunities are there for growth of messaging industry? 
  • Should SMS carriers consolidate to survive?

SPEAKER: Nick Lane, Chief Analyst at Mobilesquared

The North American mobile ecosystem stands on the verge of a huge opportunity. The way enterprises communicate with employees, partners and consumers is changing. They all want real-time, two-way communication. Texting (SMS and MMS) is at the center of that growing demand as enterprises and their CPaaS providers are increasingly integrating texting into various customer engagement and collaboration solutions. In this speech sessions attendees will learn how to build a robust system that makes it easy to connect with today’s consumers — and enables telecom operators to participate in a new interconnected global messaging ecosystem that fills the gap between person-to-person messaging and application-to-person messaging over short codes.

SPEAKER: Dr. Marco Lafrentz, Director Business Line - P2P & Cloud Services at tyntec

"Over-the-top" (OTT) mobile messaging applications now constitute a significant threat to telecommunications carriers' SMS-messaging revenues. Operators have mounted defences against OTT threat with various degree of success. But experience has shown that the future of industry is about collaboration, not competition. OTTs such as Facebook Messenger & Google Hangouts have moved to integrate SMS into their platforms, whilst carriers and operators are investing in their own OTT services or partnering with their former competitors. 

The panel will look at: 

  • What are relationships between OTTs and SMS carriers? 
  • How are carriers innovating in response to OTTs? 
  • What opportunities do OTTs offer to SMS carriers? 
  • How should carriers collaborate with OTTs? 
  • What are main challenges they can come across?

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PANELISTS: Jeff Bak, Vice President at Tata Communications
Nick Lane, Chief Analyst at Mobilesquared
Adrian Shatku, CEO at WIS Telecom

Speaker: Kaushik Bhaumik, Chief Technology Officer at Field Engineer

With OTTs taking away market share of person-to-person messaging traffic and revenue, A2P SMS is considered the most popular near-term monetization strategy, with industry analysts expecting the A2P market to be worth $60 billion by 2018. A2P messaging sector is a sweet spot for fraudsters. 

The panel will look at: 

  • How to protect the mobile network from such threats such as “grey” routes, SMS phishing, spam, flooding, etc. 
  • How to unlock the potential of A2P enterprise messaging and accelerate monetization of A2P traffic by deploying next-gen firewalls

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PANELISTS: Jeff Bak, Vice President at Tata Communications
Max Pellegrini, President, Products and Marketing at RealNetworks
Jacob Katsof, COO & Co-Founder at UpChannel