Route Mobile

Mobile Messaging & Voice API Company

Route Mobile is a global messaging and voice API company leading in terms of quality, value offered, customer service, talent development and consistent growth. Its mission is to simplify communications, to enable seamless global messaging & voice solutions, to connect customers to the world, helping them to make a difference to their customers’ lives.

Established in 2004, Route Mobile Limited (RML) provides tailored technology solutions including Enterprise Messaging, 2way Messaging, HLR Number Lookup, SMS Firewall, Voice Solutions and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).

Trusted by global enterprises, aggregators, and MNO’s worldwide to deliver compelling, innovative mobile engagement solutions, RML processes more than 2 billion messages per month. Supporting over 850 global network connections, 150 of which direct, RML provides flexibility, competitive pricing and high-quality routing.

Route Mobile has data centres in a number of international locations, hosting several global Short Messaging Service Centres (SMSC’s) and holding 42 Global Titles (GTs).

Headquartered in India, the company has international offices in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle-East.